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THE Beach

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About Bootle Beach:

Today, Bootle is an urban town, with industrial heritage.  If you look at docks such as the Brocklebank or the Langton, you would be forgiven for thinking that nothing else existed before they were built.  However, there used to be a beach in Bootle. 


The town ended up becoming a popular seaside resort, especially for the wealthy.  You see, before the growth of the docks in the mid-1800s, there were far less factories belching out fumes.  This meant tourists flocked to this area to escape from the dirty cities and taste some fresh sea air. 

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Victorians at Bootle Beach!

Watch this video we made all about a Victorian Beach Holiday!

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Answer this question...

This picture gives an idea of what Bootle beach looked like.  What do you think the mysterious huts on wheels were used for?

a) As carriages that people could pay to ride in

b) As changing rooms for ladies

c) As beach huts that people could hire


Answer this question...

In the picture above, you can also see a grand castle.  Well, it looks like a castle. Can you work out what it really was? 

a) A holiday home

b) A fancy lighthouse

c) A lifeboat station

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