We have the pleasure to partner with some fantastic organisations and independent artists who enable and enrich the Kingsley & Co project.

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Children’s University is a charity that works in partnership with schools to develop a love of learning in children. Together with Kingsley & Co and Ykids, we are able to achieve that goal by providing exciting learning opportunities.

Kingsley & Co is located in the lower mall of the Strand Shopping centre. Strand have graciously facilitated our project and enabled us to host events, workshops and guests from around the world. 


Baz Sellers is the wonderful Illustrator that created our Kingsley & Co characters: Mary Kingsley, Cyril De-Explorer, Dog and Camel!


Baz illustrates children's books as well as developing characters, creating t-shirts, picture books and a children's 'How To Draw...' programme.

A fantastic local organisation who have created the magical elements that make Kingsley & Co so special. Artist Mike Walker's work brings the vision of our 'explorer' theme to life and creates memorable experiences for both children and adults alike. 


The Atkinson is Southport’s home for music, theatre, art, literature and history.

Liverpool City Region awarded CEO, Claire Morgans, with the Star of the Year award for Kingsley & Co. We are honoured and grateful that Liverpool City Region recognised us and continue to support Ykids through providing training and funding opportunities.

We are part of the Sefton Local Cultural Education Partnership which aims to deliver change to Cultural education


Curious Minds works to place creativity and culture at the heart of education and other services for children and young people.