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Volunteering at Kingsley & Co

Kingsley & Co relies upon its wonderful volunteer team to operate. Many of these volunteers have emerged from the work of Ykids in the local area and are young people, as well as adults and parents in the community.


Volunteers regularly and enthusiastically give approximately a day each fortnight to staff the shop and time in school/college holidays when Kingsley & Co can be very busy as a popular destination for families. 

The partnership is mutual with volunteers in that they give of their time serving customers and we offer opportunity to develop skills which aid employability including customer service, cleaning, barista skills and interacting with customers and children (including story reading & workshops). 

“I think Kingsley connects young children in Bootle, the magic doors and the secret classroom mesmerise the children and even adults. It makes them come back and discover the magic of reading and the world beyond Bootle.” 

- Adult Volunteer

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“Thank you for letting me be a volunteer in Kingsley. It has allowed me to develop life skills as well as making me a more confident person. I am looking forward to volunteering again when we are able to.” 

— Young Volunteer

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