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Schools Offer

Kingsley and Co is a magical children's bookshop and explorers emporium based in Bootle Strand Shopping Centre offering a wide range of literary themed workshops and events to schools families and community. A project of Ykids Charity, we have over 20 years experience delivering engaging and innovative projects for children.

Kingsley and Co offers a variety of packages to schools to support literacy, encourage reading and inspire imagination.  Below, you can read about our literary offer, including our workshops visits, schools work, and FREE assemblies!

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Sefton Primary School visits

Thank you everyone at Kingsley & Co and Ykids for the loveliest day! We have been so inspired by your bookshop we already have ideas for our Learning Resource Centre to be even better!  There is nothing more magical than new books and our pupils are delighted - Teacher

No better feeling than taking pupils to a beautiful book shop to choose new books.  Nothing better than watching our pupils enjoy exploring literature - Teacher


Bronze Literary Discovery Experiences

A 1 hour visit to Kingsley & Co for 30 children. This includes choosing a free book,

visiting the Discovery Room, and an interactive literary quiz.

Silver Literary Discovery Experiences

A 2 hour visit to the shop for 30 children. This includes choosing a free book, visiting the Discovery Room, an interactive literary quiz, hot chocolate, biscuit for all, and one of our brand new package workshops provided by our Story Keeper.

As part of Kingsley & Co’s literacy schools offer, we have several workshop packages to choose from, all delivered on-site in your classroom, and based around important literacy curriculum goals. These can all be tailored to the specific age group, class, and curriculum too - don't hesitate to call and ask.

Gold Literary Discovery Experiences

A 2 hour visit to the shop for 30 children. This includes choosing a free book, visiting the Discovery Centre, an interactive literary quiz, hot chocolate, cake for all, and a fantastic workshop provided by a local Author.

From only £3.34 per student.png

Visits to the shop

Come and visit our magical book shop and discover its many secrets. Walk through the wardrobe in to the classroom, explore the story doors, visit our discovery room and search for literary clues  with our interactive story quiz. 

Story/history sessions based around Bootle  

Bootle has a very rich story of its own. We have sessions to teach what happened in this area in the past including: Vikings, Victorians, The World Wars and more. 

Story-based, well-being workshops in classroom  

Our workshops are a way of getting children involved with stories and adventure. The stories chosen will have a message of well-being to share with the children as well. 

Faith- based workshops/ assemblies 

The bible has many stories to tell. We offer faith-based workshops and assemblies on a range of different topics.  


Fun, interactive and engaging story assemblies. These include an introduction to Kingsley & Co or are bespoke to each individual school requirements.

We offer a complimentary first assembly FREE of charge.

Giant Slayers 

Giant Slayers is a creative 6 session programme designed to help children to deal with their worries and anxieties, giving them tools and strategies to 'cut their worries down to size. '

Coming this November, the Bootle Children's Literary Festival 2023 will explore fairy tales, myths and legends. With guest authors, assemblies, workshops, competitions and performances there is plenty for your school to get involved with. For more information see our events page.

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Our Story Keeper, Jake, will be in touch with you about your enquiries. We look forward to hearing from you!

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