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St Mary’s Church:

This opened in 1827 – mostly paid for by William Miller - who also built Miller’s Castle on Bootle beach!  [see the ‘Beach’ section on your map].  Originally, the building was situated on Church Street, near Irlam Road. 


The church sustained irreparable damage during World War Two.  The whole building was destroyed during bombing raids in 1940. 


Since 1961, the Garden of Rest has existed in its place.

Did you know?

St Mary’s used to have a pair of towers which helped ships to navigate the River Mersey. Its churchyard boasted the largest burial ground in Bootle!

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St Matthew's church (1).jpg

St Matthew’s Church


This was built in 1857 and located on Stanley Road.  The building escaped major damage from bombing, although it was used as an air raid shelter. 

St Andrew's Church


Also on Stanley Road, this church opened in 1903.  Like other churches, St Andrew’s was affected by the Blitz.  Its church hall was used as a shelter for the homeless.  Tragically, a bombing raid razed the building to the ground.  42 people were killed. 

St Andrew's church hall - bomb wreckage.jpg

Our young Victorian Soldier!

St Leonard's church (1).jpg

St Leonard's Church


First opening in 1889, this church was located on Peel Road.  The original building was destroyed by a firebomb in 1941.  However, it was all rebuilt in 1968.  It is still standing today! 

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