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Slipper Baths

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Bootle Slipper Baths

The idea of not having a bathroom inside your house seems very strange to us now but for many in the Victorian time that was completely normal. There toilets were known as a ‘privy’.

They would wash using a jug and bowl and small children would be washed in the sink. The same bar of soap would wash your clothes, body, hair and the floor!


For people without a bath at home you could go to the slipper baths. These were public baths!
You would pay a few pennies and be given a piece of hard soap and a towel and your own cubicle for a hot bath. These were still being used in Bootle until the war.

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Bootle Slipper Baths

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Did you know?

The Victorians thought ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’...

But it was also quite normal to only change your underwear once a week!

Jug and Bowl used to wash


Can you imagine having to go outside to go to the toilet? What would be your least favourite thing about it?


Old bar of Soap

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