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The Klondyke Estate


The Klondyke Estate

Bootle started as a small town but as more factories sprung up people moved for work and it grew to be much larger. This meant that new houses needed to be built.


That’s where William ‘Klondyke’ Jones came in. He was a Welsh carpenter who came to Liverpool to find his fortune.

William became very rich from his construction business, buying two homes (one in Bootle and another on Anglesey). In fact, he was nicknamed ‘Klondyke’ after the Gold Rush in America because he was so wealthy! 

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Inside one of the Klondyke houses

Did you know?

The toilet was outside in a shed called a ‘Privvy’ in the yard.

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Houses on the Klondyke Estate

He built many homes in Bootle on what became known as the ‘Klondyke estate’. The houses were two up and two down – two rooms upstairs and two rooms downstairs. They had no electricity and no indoor toilets or bathrooms

Did you know?

In 1886, William became the Mayor of Bootle.


William 'Klondyke' Jones

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