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The Vikings


Vikings in Bootle

The Vikings came from the parts of the world that we now call Scandinavia. They were mostly farmers and traders who travelled to different parts of the world because their land was too full and there were not enough resources.

The Vikings started to invade Britain in 793 CE. They came to take stuff, but some also settled here. Some Vikings settled in Bootle. We know this because lots of the place names around this area are Viking words. Bootle comes from a word that means dwelling.


Saffron's Viking Boat picture!

Viking Map

Without the Vikings, this area probably wouldn’t have grown much more and that would mean people like King John who developed a lot of this area wouldn’t have been as interesting. We may still have been a little village!



Did you know?

The name ‘Viking’ comes from the Scandanavian (Old Norse) word ‘vikingr’ - this means ‘pirate’. 

Question time!

Look at the list below and decide which of these places have Viking names.

  1. Bootle

  2. Walton

  3. Toxteth

  4. Wavertree

  5. Formby

  6. Sefton

  7. Derby

  8. Everton

Did you know?

The Vikings invaded 14 countries 

Place ending with -by are often Viking because that is their word for town or Village.


Lots of English words we still use today come from the Viking language. 


Viking slaves often got chucked into the sea if the boats became too heavy!


 Slaves were also used as human sacrifices or had their heads chopped off.


Some Vikings drank the blood from their enemies’ skulls.


Vikings did not have horns on their helmets like a lot pictures show


The Vikings had their court in West Derby

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