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Town Hall

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Bootle Town Hall

Bootle Town Hall

Bootle, known previously as Bootle cum Linacre, has been a place where people have lived for centuries. It began as a small village but became bigger and bigger thanks for the impact of the docks and the factories that were built. With the increase in population, the civic leaders decided that it would be helpful to have a town hall. The foundation stone for the new building was laid by the mayor, John McArthur, on 8 July 1880 and the building was finished in 1882.

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The town hall played a major part in World War 2. It was the command centre for one of the most important battles – the Battle of the Atlantic. Because the docks brought it so many supplies to the country it became a focus of attack. The Battle was fought out at sea but was commanded from the town hall by Captain John Walker.


Before the war he was passed over for promotion and was considered a poor leader but he changed the way the people of Bootle saw the war. 


During the war, he was a very successful commander and was loved by his men. He was promoted to Captain during the work for the excellent work that he was doing.

Eva's picture of Bootle Town Hall

Did you know?

Captain John Walker actually used to sleep in the town hall because he didn’t want to leave the command post for too long.


Captain John Walker also collapsed in the town hall and later died in hospital.

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Question time!

What do you think that Captain John Walker died from?

A) A disease

B) Overwork and exhaustion

C) Killed by a bomb

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U Boat

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Madison's drawing of the
Town Hall Crest

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