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Trams in Bootle

One of the reasons Bootle grew so much was how well connected it was to different areas of the country – not just through trains and canals but also trams. Trams existed before buses – they were similar but they ran along specific tracks. In the beginning they were pulled by horses but eventually they were run by electricity.

The tramway that terminated in Bootle and ran all over Liverpool and at one point even joined up with parts of Lancashire.  


A Liverpool Tram

Did you know?

The last ever tram in Liverpool is in a museum in America!

last_tram1903 (1).jpg

Liverpool Electric Cables Advert

After a bit of a decline in the tramways, the 1930s were something of a comeback for Merseyside trams, as they had been relied on to assist in getting transport services back to normal after the First World War. Unfortunately, the Second World War was not so kind, and they were not needed as much. The network was replaced, route by route, over a ten year period from 1947.


Liverpool had stuck with trams when other cities were moving to buses sooner. The last tram entered the depot in 1957.

Liverpool last tram Sept 1957.jpg

Liverpool's Last Tram in 1957



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