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Image by Joshua Hoehne

Brick Works


William ‘Klondyke’ Jones

The Brick Works:

The Klondyke estate (see other page on our map) needed to be built as many people were moving to Bootle for work and needed places to live. As this required lots of bricks, William ‘Klondyke’ Jones, the person building the houses, owned the brickworks in Bootle. William Jones also owned a brickworks in his birthplace of Anglesey.  These bricks were also transported all the way to Bootle so more homes could be built.  If you see any houses with pale yellow bricks, they were probably made from Welsh clay. 


An underground railway was used to transport the bricks from this factory on Hawthorne Road to the estate. 

Did you know?

The original houses no longer exist but lots of the streets still do! Including...

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Bricks being transported from Anglesey to Bootle


Find and look at the streets that are there today because of  William 'Klondyke' Jones!

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